Exercise to loose weight

The five best exercise to lose weight you can explore and enjoy!

If losing weight is something you want to do, and your dieting efforts have all failed to gain the permanent traction needed to get the job done past the first ten pounds, you need to consider your exercise habits. Changing how you eat is easy, because you have to eat multiple times a day. But starting exercise can be different, since you do not really have to do it and it can be confusing what to do. This article provides the five best exercises to lose weight you can start, just to have something going.

Cardiovascular exercise is without a doubt the fastest way to burn off calories and fat. Running and jogging are the first activities that come to most people’s minds. However, treadmills and cycling are also options, and even easier on your knees. Depending on where you live, walking can even get you good and sweaty. Indoor activities like aerobics and customized workout video programs can also serve this purpose quite well.

Weight lifting or Strength Training is also a good way to start exercising, if the thought of cardio does not appeal to you. Going this route will not burn off your calories as fast. As a matter of fact, you might even start off with some weight gain as you put on some lean muscle mass. This will help you in the long run though, as your new tissue will boost your metabolism and increase your basal metabolic rate, which means your body burns more calories per day.

Most serious athletes follow a combination of cardio and resistance training, along with a good stretching regimen. Following something like yoga or tai chi can in fact be your entry to weight loss. The caloric burn is going to be minimal, depending on the style that you choose. However, the stress release and good feelings you get from this are going to help you be far more mindful about your eating. You also can use these to muster up the energy to start more active exercise later if you are starting from a weak or truly sedentary standpoint.

If you want a nice simple number to shoot for, just get a pedometer and wear it throughout the day. Make sure that you get at least 10,000 steps total for your day. This way, you rarely have to actually devote a full hour to working out and yet you are getting far more activity with your body than most people around you. This path is ridiculously fun and simple to try, and you get in the unstoppable habit of activity in just days. Your accomplishment of 10,000 steps a day is something to be proud of, and an objective goal more easily attained than in any other option this article presents.

If the thought of exercise makes you cringe because you see it as lonely physical suffering, do not let it be lonely or suffering, be sure to ask family or friends to get involved. Find a dance studio, a Zumba class or play a competitive sport with others. You can sign up with current friends or make new ones. When your exercise is part of your social life instead of just working out, you will not even see it as exercise after too long.

As you can see, there are five different paths you can take into the world of fitness. Choose the one of these that appeals to you the most and get involved. While serious athletes are probably going to follow a combination of the first three, you just want to boost your calorie burn to give your diet a chance. So do not over think it, and good luck!



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